At Embrace Home Loans, we understand that most people’s primary reason to work and have careers is to earn a living. That’s more or less a given in America.

But have you ever wondered whether there can be more to a job besides a paycheck? The answer is that there is at Embrace Home Loans. That’s because at Embrace our mission is to be a life changing organization.

This is not corporate speak, HR propaganda, or lip service to make us feel good about ourselves. Life changing is an engrained, sincere belief that the founders of Embrace introduced into the way that we do business and it has become the key component of our corporate culture.

Embrace Home Loans is more than a home loan company. It’s a belief that a group of individuals, when of one mind, can create life-changing experiences on a personal level, for each other, our family members, our customers and our communities. Doing so not only enriches us as human beings, but makes Embrace Home Loans a growing, prosperous, successful company in the very competitive home loans industry.

We believe if you put people first, address their needs and concerns, honestly and transparently care about them, be there for them, respect them, treat them as friends and family and not employees and customers, and help them be the best that they can be, then everything else takes care of itself.

How do we change the lives of our team members? First of all, we don’t have a “management culture” but rather a “coaching culture.” While our managers set goals and are accountable for them  it’s their responsibility to coach, train, and support their team members to work together to achieve those goals.

Despite titles and roles, we are of the belief that we are all in this together. We are a team oriented organization and we share our strengths and overcome our weaknesses as a team. While group success breeds individual success, caring and respect breed team. Proof of this is the fact that our CEO has no office. He is out among everyone who works at Embrace. He’s there to “watch out for” people’s well-being, concerns, and needs.

Embrace is a positive environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged, endorsed and experienced. It’s a culture of positive reinforcement without negative criticism. There’s a refreshingly honest openness to new ways, ideas, constructive feedback and opportunities.  Giving team members the opportunity to grow the organization allows them to grow personally.

Embrace is here for each team member. More importantly, and uniquely, we are here for each team member’s family; in good times as well as bad. We celebrate their accomplishments and their joyous moments. But we are there when there are problems, worries, and fears. For example over the past five years Embrace team members have donated over 260 days a year of sick time and vacation days to fellow team members in need. When someone knows that he/she has the support and concern of hundreds of people it makes some of life’s ups and downs a bit easier to handle.

Our philosophy of “being there” for one another goes beyond the walls of the Embrace offices. Together all the Embrace team members, regardless of our job descriptions or titles, form an amazing Embrace Community. A community capable of accomplishing anything it puts its collective minds and spirit to work on. We believe we have an obligation, a commitment to provide life changing experiences to the people who live in the communities we work and live in. In 2013 alone, we participated in 40 activities and events that impacted the lives of thousands of individuals.

No matter what job you have at Embrace Home Loans, we want it to be a life changing experience based on respect of one another, our jobs, our abilities, our diversity and our beliefs.


If you’re a Loan Officer how does our Life Changing culture specifically affect you? Of all the people who work on our team, you are the face of Embrace with our customers, our referral partners and realtors.

We respect the fact that while no two Loan Officers are alike, you are the entrepreneurs of our team. Therefore while you want structure and systems, you thrive on autonomy. We appreciate the fact that Loan Officers confident, outgoing, goal-oriented, and want control over their own success. We understand what makes you tick and from a work environment, we want to give you a life changing experience.

For example, we totally understand the stress and apprehension you may have in switching jobs. So we have an entire “Security in Transition” program in place. We do everything possible to have you ready to go the minute your license is approved. Training, support and marketing are in place ahead of time. Our technology is designed to facilitate and accommodate, not create hurdles in your daily functions. This enables you to maintain the relationships you build with customers and referrals. Those relationships are also why we have a Seven Day Quick Close policy. It exists not only for the benefit of our customers, but also for you. And finally, while you’re in that “new team member phase” we provide transitional income so there is no short term interruption to your lifestyle.

All of that gives our new Loan Officers a sense of security, confidence, respect, and well-being. In turn that allows you to be the best Loan Officer you are capable of being and that makes our entire team more productive and attentive to your customers.

Ready for a change?  Would you like to see what a visit is like? Let Embrace offer a life changing one.