OnBoarding Made Easy... That's Just the Beginning

The day you start we’re ready with your photo shoot, business card order and we sit down for side by side help with your online website profile as well as your social media profile. Then we’ll bring you on a tour of your customized marketing site. 

Next we will get email and over-sized postcard messages out to let everyone know you have made a “Change to Embrace.” All handled in the CRM and through marketing automation.

So to give you an idea of what you will have at your fingertips here are a few samples:

  • Customized flyers 
  • Co-branded open house materials
  • Email nurture campaigns 
  • Three year stay-in-touch campaigns. We know this is not new, but we’re pretty sure you have always had to pay for it...Not HERE!! It’s on us.
  • And, realtor events that will make your socks go up and down… take a look. In fact, we supported our loan officers in 65 events in 2013 alone.

Oh, and one more little thing… You get your own personal marketing support person assigned to you and your marketing. This person has one job and one job only and that’s to make sure your marketing materials and personal marketing plans are designed to provide you support and success.

Jen and her team in Marketing did a superb job putting this together for us on such short notice.
— Billy Woolridge, Branch Manager Lynchburg, VA