Our process is designed to help you close more loans, faster: clear-to- close in 7 days.

Your borrower will be clear-to-close seven business days after a complete application is uploaded to our system. This allows you to issue the HUDs weeks before closing… offering confidence and security to both buyers and realtors.

The earlier the loan is ready the better prepared everyone is for the closing. Title companies have plenty of time to get their job done. Your Embrace support staff works tirelessly to provide your valued clients with an exceptional, buttoned up loan experience with no surprises.

  • Clear-to-close in seven days or less
  • HUD's ready weeks before closing
  • Responsive underwriting 
I couldn’t believe how fast this loan closed! My client was ecstatic and is referring me to his friend !
— Aisling Grimes Soler Loan Officer
I turned in a purchase loan application on Monday, Jan 20th…and we got a clear-to-close last evening from Jodi. Only 7 business days from start to finish! We are scheduled to close on the loan tomorrow. Needless to say, the two agents involved are amazed & very thankful. This was not an easy deal and it had many moving parts that we had to carefully document for the UW. The processor on the loan did an unbelievable job. To top it off, once she did the original UW approval on Friday, she called and left a message on my voicemail, something to the effect “ I just wanted to let you know that I just finished approving the file – If you have any questions at all about the conditions, do not hesitate to call me. It is a clean file and we should have no issues with closing as scheduled.”

I truly cannot recall that last time an UW took the time to deliver a wonderful message like that.

Those that have been in Embrace for a lot longer than I have may take the operations excellence we have for granted, but me, having just come from the “outside world” would just like to say that what we have here is really special and needs to be shared whenever possible. I have never worked in more of a “team” atmosphere than where I find myself today!! Thank you again for allowing me to work at Embrace Home Loans.
— Dan MacDougall, Branch Manager - Charlottesville