Our tech staff works closely with sales constantly improving your user experience. Over a year ago our Loan Officers expressed the need to be able to work in one system so we integrated the CRM with our loan processing system to provide easy and fast access to their pipeline, dashboard, loan statuses and much more all in real time.

Third party status updates

Every time a meaningful status change occurs your referral partner is kept in the loop with status change email notification. Communication is key to smooth transactions and tech was built to support you with minimal interaction or distraction from your focus on developing new business.

Full service customer portal

Some Loan Officers still like to take applications in person or over the phone but more and more enjoy the ability to send their customers to our secure web portal to apply online or get pre-approved. You receive an instantaneous email as soon as a new application is submitted.

Set & Go email marketing

Dozens of email templates, 100s of nurture campaigns and personalized marketing systems fuel a CRM specifically designed for SET and GO Marketing Programs for realtors, customers, and all your other referral partners.

I was working late one night and had a technical question. I figured I’d have to wait until morning for an answer and was ready to call my client. John called me right away and I was able to move forward on my client’s loan. Awesome!
— Mark Brown, Senior Loan Officer, Rockville MD