I returned to Embrace because of the company’s career oriented environment. Embrace has the best loan officer support in the industry. I had made a mistake when I left, and realized that I had taken Embrace’s teamwork ideology for granted.
— Ted Ely - Frederick, MD
So far coming back to Embrace has been great !!! I am impressed with the technology and simplicity of the origination system. Also the great support team and the structure of the company has allowed me to concentrate in being out in the field acquiring more referral partners. And last but not least I really appreciate the leadership of the management and on-boarding team which have helped me immensely in become acclimated with all the systems and tools that Embrace has to offer.
I can honestly say that I am back to enjoying doing my job and look forward to the future achievements we will accomplish together at Embrace.
— Alex Banderas – Columbia, MD
After leaving Embrace 9 months ago, I quickly came to realize the value of what I had here. I returned to great fanfare; I felt wanted and needed. On day one I had my computer, business cards, and immediate refresher training. The different management heads for each Department personally reached out to welcome me. The licensing support staff worked tirelessly to get all of my state licensing re-activated.
When you collectively weigh all of the positives here at Embrace, it makes sense to become a part of this team. Excellent benefits, marketing dollars for performance, a deep and wide list of products, common sense underwriting, fair and competitive compensation; it is a no-brainer.
— Darren Corder – Wilmington, DE
I am returning to Embrace after been away for 18 months, I am so glad to be back home, it is a very good feeling. I felt comfortable and welcomed from day one.

Embrace is a different place to work for, at Embrace I find:

Guidance and leadership from my superiors,
Open communication and sharing among office personnel.
The home office keeps us informed of all events in the company.
Maintains the feeling of competition by letting us know how everyone is doing.
Helps and guides us on setting goals.
Training programs are fantastic and there is always an ear to help with all your questions.
Involved in the community thru charities and on hand projects.
The feeling of belonging, been part of the organization.
Generous with benefits.

I am happy to be back home!
— Mariana Montalvo – Fairfax, VA
There are times in everyone’s lives (I would imagine) that we look elsewhere and listen about how great things are on the other side of the fence.

That happened to this loan officer, I watched someone dangle the carrots and listened to how great things were across the fence. So guess what? I jumped the fence and found myself on the other side one day!
Within a short time I found out several things. The people around me were not what I was used to in terms of working as a team. The one thing that stood out like a floodlight was technology! I felt like I was doing loans back in the late 90’s! It was not long before my homesickness was really getting to me and that’s when the magic question always seems to pop up, “What was I thinking”???

I have a great life partner in my wife and after both of us discussing the situation I decided I would contact my Embrace manager and throw myself at the mercy of the court.
To my great surprise I received a very welcome reception (which I did not expect) and no condemnation at all. I was received with open arms (I felt like the Prodigal Son) and was welcomed back by the whole team!

Embrace is not only a great place to work, it is a great place for lasting relationships when it comes to teammates! Needless to say I have learned that the other side of the fence is not what it’s made out to be.
— Larry Montecino - Lynchburg, VA
Definitely the right combination of compensation package, rates, help with marketing, and really knowing the process “behind the scenes” works so well. Seeing the improvements implemented over the last year – Approved to Move for an example.

I won’t be wondering where is the HUD or wondering when the docs will be going out.

Finally knowing the culture and what Embrace stands for was the final deciding factor.
— Hal Johnson – Fairfax, VA
I came back to Embrace Home Loans because it is a great company, I am treated as family and I am well respected by my colleagues. We have great managers like my boss Tom Trott. I had opportunities with other companies but knew that I would be happy at Embrace. I get the support I need, we have the technology and we are competitive. In the end it was an easy decision to come back, I want to retire with Embrace.

With Embrace you are family!!!
— Carlos Molina – Frederick, MD